The majority of off-road vehicles are made with a small power reserve when electrically taxed. Such is for accessories and you need to know the available power percentage to prevent electrical issues. The stator is a like a vehicle’s alternator which runs off the crankshaft of most UTV or ATV engines.

Here is a list of important things that you have to pay attention to as you add electrical accessories to your vehicle or machine.

Accessory Power Draw

The factory service manual must the amount of output the machine can handle. Make sure you note how much power the device will pull from the wattage reserve. The majority of factory service manuals will provide a great idea of the amount of output stators like an RM stator will make.


Power Hub

When you think that you will add multiple power-robbing devices, consider installing a power hub or block. Often, this provides a place to mount power wires and a great ground cable for the negatives.

Wire Sizing

When you spend time reading installation instructions, you can find recommended wire lengths and sizes on most reliable electrical gear. When your product calls for a 14-gauge wire, stick to this as a smaller wire could tax the system prematurely and fry the electronics. This can take place when there is too much amperage on the wire creating heat.

Switches and Relays

As you switch on a device, power runs from the power source to the switch and on through the device’s switch when there isn’t a relay. It is important for the switch to be of great quality and rated for a tad. If you are utilizing a toggle or push button switch ensure it is made for wet conditions. When it comes to the relay, a device’s power connection can be controlled by tripping a relay. If you need to crimp or terminate on connectors to the wiring, ensure you make use of quality connection parts.


Wire Routing

Purchasing wire look for covering wire mass will keep you wires together and look nice as well as present chaffing. Chaffing takes place as a wire rubs along enough on abrasive surfaces rubbing away the insulation.

Ensure you read the instructions for the electrical requirements of the items you want to install. Accessories such as winch require exact relay placement and some HID lights can only work with a good power supply.

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