Currently, the United Kingdom has extremely, extremely long waiting lines for driving tests. But, this doesn’t mean you need to settle for one, which is in the year 2074.  I advise you to try to change driving test dates as frequently as you can to ensure you get a good test slot (preferably in the year 2017).

You will face challenges, hard work, probably lose all pride when having to check the booking system every five minutes – but? Do you want to pass your driving test? I THOUGHT SO!

Tips and tricks on how to get the earliest possible date 

More cancellations come up during the start of the week, according to SpeedyTests (A driving test cancellation checker). So, the best time to look would be from Monday until Wednesday, and to keep doing this frequently. You can’t have breaks / cancellations don’t come up frequently and when they do it’s gone in minutes, if not seconds. This is VERY important.

Another thing to consider is weekend or nighttime appointment. Their times are more suitable, but, they’re a lot pricier – so, this may be another option. The pricing goes up from a standard £62, to a premium £75. (Quite a lot of money considering the average driving test pass-rate is at around 40%). 

Why is it so far to get a driving test? 

Like any public service in the UK, the DVSA are struggling. Just like the NHS, Police, Military and Fire Service. This is due to lack of funding, which in turn has made the waiting times for driving tests skyrocket. Due to fewer test centres and fewer driving test examiners. What makes it worse is that the population is also expanding… rapidly.  Because of this, the average waiting time for a test is well in the 1-2 month region.

I’ve failed my test, what do I do now? 

Firstly, you’ll have to rebook a new one. This is simple, go onto the DVSA website and book a new test. Next, you need to go onto the booking system and again, frequently check for cancellations until you find one. If you fail your test, your must wait at least ten days after the fail to sit a new test. This is to make sure you have practiced more, and have improved since the previous test.

I don’t have the time to look for cancellations? 

If you don’t have time to look for cancellations, there’s plenty of driving test cancellation finders out there. Such as: Speedytests, Driving Test Cancellations 4 all. These services will look on your behalf, but – they will charge you to do so. The going rate is between £16.99 / £18.00 for a starter package. This is an ideal solution for those who work and don’t have the time to look themselves.  Even if you do have the time, it may be wise to use a service like this, because their resources are simply fantastic in comparison to a humans.

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