If you are thinking about buying a used car in Canberra, you’ve got multiple options. You can approach a local dealership, visit a name-brand dealership, or buy from an independent seller. The safest option when purchasing a used car is to get it off a name-brand dealership, this article will discuss the main reasons why this is the case.

High Expectations

One of the main reasons why most Australians choose to buy from name-brand car dealerships is their reputation. Through years of service, these dealerships have made a good name for themselves amongst their clients. Consumers know what they are getting when they buy from a name-brand business such as Toyota.

On most occasions, a name-brand dealer will only sell top quality second-hand motors, they won’t take chances and put substandard vehicles on sale to the public. Name-brand dealership are proud of their reputation, they won’t risk selling dodgy cars just to make a quick dollar.

If word got out that a brand name car dealership was trading in substandard vehicles, it could do extensive damage to their reputation within the industry.

Car dealerships that sell used cars will often only deal with high-quality second-hand models, they also have demo cars for sale which are vehicles which are used for test drives and other services. Professional name-brand dealership often include additional services which you won’t receive if you buy off another seller.

  • Full inspection and vehicle assessment before being put up for sale.
  • An extended warranty on all used cars, something you won’t get if you decide to buy from a private seller.
  • A massive range of used vehicles, which are all fully checked by qualified mechanics.
  • Brand name dealerships sometimes offer finance on used models.
  • Trade-ins on used cars.

Certified Vehicles

There are numerous used cars that make their way into a car dealership, some are in good condition while others fail to make the grade. A name-brand company won’t sell substandard or dangerous vehicles, they put them through rigorous screening tests to ensure they are roadworthy and safe to drive. A lot of old cars are rejected on the basis of their age, condition or mileage, something that provides consumers with peace of mind when approaching a car dealership.

Check Reviews

A quick Google search using key terms like “Canberra cars for sale” or “dealerships in Canberra” should bring back some useful results when searching for reputable companies. When you find a name-brand dealership, read through their online reviews and see what the public have to say about their service and products. This can help you figure out whether the business is trustworthy and professional in its dealings.

If you’ve found a name-brand dealership you can trust, you should remember to bring along a trained mechanic when buying a car. Although most garages run excellent used vehicle screening procedures, it won’t hurt to bring along a certified professional when choosing your car. A name-brand dealership is always safer than buying from other companies or private sellers.

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