We all try and take good, if not great, care of ourselves. Everyday we are inundated with information and statistics on obesity, skin care, exercise, heart health, dieting, new cooking methods, preservatives, additives, and just about everything else regarding what goes in or on our bodies. But, what about the vessel that we we probably spend more time in than some of our own homes? I am talking about the car you drive.

Many people (myself included) tend to ignore the maintenance and well-being of something we put our lives into each and every day. Just yesterday I went in for an oil change because I was almost 1,000 miles over, and when I pulled up the mechanic told me my front right tire was bald and there was a screw in the front left that needed to be repaired ASAP. A bald tire and a screw in the other! This is the same vehicle I drive 20+ miles each way to work every day and transport my daughter around. I was terrified and embarrassed at the same time.

car maintenance important overall

The truth is, I take very good care of myself and my little family. We eat organic, I use non-toxic cleaners in my home, take vitamins, use all natural skin care, and about a hundred other little details I go crazy about. But when it comes to my car, I am lucky if I even remember to turn it on in the morning. How is it that we can spend hundreds of dollars on organic produce and organic name-brand makeup, but ignore the very thing that is made to keep us safe?

I am just as guilty, if not more so, as the rest of you who tend to avoid car maintenance like the plague. Car care should become part of your daily or weekly routine. When you finish walking the dog or feeding the baby, walk around your car and make sure your tires look okay (and hopefully there aren’t any screws in any of them!) When you finish loading the car with your organic groceries, take it to a car wash on your drive home to remove the pollen and other elements possibly stuck to the exterior. After your next check-up at the doctors, take your car in for an oil change and/or tuneup. It’s simple things like this that can keep your car looking and feeling young, much like you do after using your solar-powered back massager from your favorite department store.

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