If you’re thinking about purchasing an extended auto warranty with Endurance, one of your first questions might have to do with location. Some extended warranty companies give you coverage for specific parts or problems while only allowing you to use their endorsed mechanics. With Endurance Warranty, you have the benefit of being able to choose from a wide range of highly-rated, top-tier mechanics and repair workers across the United States and Canada. If you have questions about your extended warranty coverage, read on.

Can I Go to My Local Repair Shop for Service?

The short answer is yes. With Endurance, you’re covered by any certified mechanic across the U.S. That means that if your local repair shop employs certified mechanics, it accepts your Endurance extended warranty. On the off chance that your chosen repair shop does not employ certified mechanics, Endurance’s customer service professionals are here, via phone, email, or social media, to help you find certified workers in your area, make recommendations for specific repair shops near you, and more. Our representatives are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you make the most educated choice about service and repairs.

What About a Nationwide Chain?

Yes. For a national or even regional chain, Endurance auto warranties will always be accepted. Your Endurance membership card gets you instant service at any location using certified mechanics to do repairs. That means that wherever you choose to have your car serviced, Endurance will be able to offer coverage. Your membership card gets you in and out in no time and helps you get your car back on the road without delay.

Will Endurance Cover Repairs from My Dealership?

Yes. If you purchase an extended auto warranty from Endurance, your dealership will accept it. This is particularly useful for car owners who prefer to trust repairs to their original dealers rather than seek out local repair shops.

Should I Wait to Purchase My Extended Auto Warranty?

No. There is no reason to wait on purchasing your warranty, especially if your current warranty is on the verge of expiring. Your insurance will cover certain costs when it comes to accidents, collisions, and stolen items. However, when it comes to something going wrong with the vehicle itself, being without a warranty means that you are fully liable for the cost. If you have an older car or a pre-owned car, it’s a precarious position to be in. That’s why it always helps to get a head start on purchasing your extended auto warranty before your current coverage runs out. If you have any questions about timing or extended warranty options from Endurance, please feel free to give our customer service representatives a call at any time, day or night.

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