There is yet another style of car prevalent in the huge and ever expanding car market. An electric car having three wheels is widely popular with the people. The car will easily slide and tilt around corners as a motorcycle. The company that created the design has revealed about them looking forward to market the vehicle on a large scale. However, for added information, you could log on to The three-wheel motorbike is popularly called as spyder.

Steering of the spyder

The steering of the spyder is an important aspect. The engineers of the company combined the concept of a motorbike with a car. Consequently, the car incorporating a steering of a motorbike makes it a unique hybrid. It is a unique design nonetheless. In addition, it is reported that the steering will cost high for a hybrid version. However, a significant price will be charged for full electric version.


Fuel for the spyder

The spyder runs on petrol. It will provide the owner with a highly reasonable mileage per gallon. On the other hand, the electric version will go also offer a reasonable mileage before the need to be recharged. Apart from the spyder is designed for urban living; the spyder is able to keep its pace on highways and freeways. It can go from zero-to-sixty in approximately five second.

Seating capacity of spyder

The spyder can hold two passengers easily. It also comes equipped with an optional luggage container that may be strapped on to the roof. Consequently, the vehicle can transform into a convertible, when you remove the roof.

Perfect for high traffic areas

It will be the perfect vehicle for high traffic areas along with closely knitted cities, where space is a major issue. The spyder being shorter than an average car size can enter tight corners with ease. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the parking problem. Two spyder cars will be able to fit easily into the parking space. Passengers do not sit next to one another. They will sit as that on the motorbike, one behind the other.


Safety aspects of the spyder

The company is involved with several safety aspects for making sure that the vehicle is able to provide the owner with similar safety as that of a car. The car can tilt approximately 25 degrees, which makes it almost impossible to roll over. It will provide you with a chic feeling.


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