More and more popular every year, it seems the electric car is here to stay. A look into some of the top reasons to own one of these will reveal why the electric car may be the vehicle of the future.

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  1. Saving you Money
  • Electricity is cheaper than fuel, assuming you live in a country where fuel prices are higher and more likely to be at risk to rise. Electric car battery prices are likely to come down as the industry improves and renewable electricity/energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar power is developed. It is estimated that you save up to a third when you use the electric car, and not a fuel driven model.
  • Much less maintenance: The car is relatively simple and has fewer moving parts than its fuel-driven counterpart: no gearbox, no transmission, spark plugs, valves etc. Therefore you will have no oil changes, radiator flush or high service costs. An added advantage: You no longer have to queue at the fuel station as you know you’ll charge your car at home overnight.
  • Fed up of paying the congestion charge? Sell your car in London and upgrade to an electric vehicle – you won’t need to pay a penny for using your vehicle in the city!

Saving Money

Go Green

  • More than ever before people are aware of the positive impact of living in a ‘green’ society: The environment undoubtedly benefits from cleaner cars on the roads, and indirectly our health as a result. The electric car does away with fumes, there are no tailpipe emissions such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and non-methane organic gasses. The air is therefore cleaner and a great incentive to stay away from petrol-driven vehicles in favour of those that run on electricity.

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Concerns Addressed

  • Initially people were concerned that the EV could travel only between 30 and 50 miles on a charge. These days that figure has gone up, and distances of up to a 100, even 245 miles are no longer out of reach. As the industry develops and improvements introduced, that figure will no doubt still rise in future.

Concerns Addressed

Positive Feedback

  • It is interesting to note that UK buyers of EV’s list their reason for having bought one of these vehicles as: saving on fuel, environmental issues and the fun aspect of owning one of these as the most important issues.
  • Owners report that these cars are easy to drive and their modern design – almost futuristic as is evidenced in the use of carbon fibre – often drives their appeal. As opposed to the traditional vehicles most of us are accustomed to, the EV offers instant torque and smooth acceleration and runs quietly – they are also less noisy.

White Electric Car Charging Outdoor

To the Future

  • The electric car may still be a relatively new concept, but figures have shown that certain names such as the Nissan Leaf and Tesla S are starting to stake their claim.

To the Future

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