Automotive accidents have in the recent past had a devastating impact not only on humans but also on the economy. Car accidents in particular are life threatening and there has been an increasing toll seen every year. The various causes of these accidents have been identified and governments are leading the people in creating awareness and making laws that enforce the practices they are putting in place to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The major causes of accidents are: Distracted driving, where a driver pays attention on their phones rather than the road, over speeding, Drunk driving, bad weather conditions, improper turns, fog, deadly curves in the road and many others. These causes however can be addressed to minimize car accidents over time. Some of the mistakes made by drivers can be managed. Driver behaviors that lead to possible car accidents can be minimized in several ways. You can prevent causing a road accident in these ways:

  • Drive within the speed limit.

Every car has its speed limit. Exceeding the speed limit means you are driving faster than was intended for that road, risking other people’s lives. Driving faster will cause the car to overturn. Statistics have shown that over speeding has up to 29% death toll annually. These statistics have been on the same level over years now. Speeding more often makes you lose control of the steering and the result is devastating.

Point to note, The speed limits on given roads are basically calculated basing on the turns of the road and also the traffic conditions. Every driver should heed the signs given and during bad weather conditions, they should creatively maneuver through but carefully so not to cause any accident.

  • Avoiding distraction.

There are various forms of distraction while driving. These include bad weather, use of mobile phones and drunk driving. As a driver, you should avoid bad weather like wind, rain or fog that make your vehicle less functional than normal. However, when you are caught in bad weather have this in mind: always keep your windshield wipers going while it is raining and turn on your headlights so you can be seen. Always keep your eyes off the phone while driving. Having your eyes off the road will get you in horrible mess and even death. Keep an eye on the approaching emergency vehicles. In case you are caught up head to head with another car, remember to move to the right to let them pass. However, if you are involved in a collision accident and aren’t the at-fault driver you can seek legal assistance. Discover how you can get legal assistance by visiting this website.

  • iii. Keep your car safe.

Ensure your tires are inflated. Under inflated tires have a risk of overheating therefore they can lead to failure and more adversely affects tread existence. Replace the windshield at regular intervals especially if the weather keep changing which affects the work ability of the windshield. The windshield also should always be kept clean. This is to enhance clarity and improve vision. The side mirrors should be properly positioned for a good view of the back side. This ensures that there are no accidents due to instant braking and colliding with incoming cars.

Drivers from across the world should do better on these precautions if we wish to move towards zero car accidents annually.


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