The price of a new motorcycle is a major hurdle between a motorcycle lover and his dream ride. If you want to buy a motorcycle, but you are constrained due to your budget then buying a used motorcycle may be the answer to all your needs and problems.

Buying a bike whether old or new is investment and like all investments, it needs careful consideration and planning before you go for the actual purchase. There are various considerations when you are sorting through the old bikes for the one that you should buy.

The very first step

You should ask the seller to keep the bike cold prior to your visit. A warm engine hides various tuning issues and starting problems. When you arrive check the blender and pipes to make sure the bike is cold. If there’s starting trouble or it starts with a disturbing sound then it is not a good option.

Stolen property

Check the VIN number and also verify from DMV their registration cost and the seller details. You will not want a stolen motorcycle and the VIN checking ensures that. The cross checking of seller details ensures that you are dealing with the owner.

Examine various parts

You should examine the bar ends, levers, foot pegs, etc. for the damage or wear and tear. This will let you know whether the bike in question was in an accident or is there a need of in-depth checking for example a curled lever signifies a tip over damage.

How the bike was used

The manner in which a bike is used is normally judged by the condition of tires. The condition of the tyre like longitudinal, flat grooves indicates burnout. The edges can easily tell you whether the bike is being used in tracks. This information makes you analyse the price, engine condition and life of the bike.


You need an expert to find out the finer details that may not be visible to you. Taking a mechanic along is not only good sense but it is a need, after all, it’s his area of expertise to know all about the bikes.

Respect the bike and its owner

An important part of the process is not antagonizing the person with whom you may be negotiating. A bike owner has a bond with his ride so please avoid derogatory comments on the bike. If you can praise the bike rather than commenting negatively it may help you in the negotiation.


Research the parts of the bike you want to buy. You should be aware of the prices and a rough idea of how to judge their condition. It helps in bringing the price down during the final discussion

If you take into account all these considerations, you can easily survive the pitfalls surrounding the moto usagé or old motorbike purchases.

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