Motorcycles can be dangerous for obvious reasons. Safety is critical when considering driving one and making it a main mode of transportation. There are many features that help to make a motorcycle safe. This includes automatic transmission, saddlebags or racks, antilock brakes, windscreen or fairing, wearing safety gear/helmets, crash bars, and taking proper precautions as the driver.

Automatic transmission assists with the distraction that could be caused by the hand and foot roles that are often played out for a motorcyclist. This could be especially beneficial for new drivers not having to do everything manually.

Saddlebags or racks are essentially a small space in which to carry essential items. This could include a grocery bag, a small helmet, a purse, or whatever else you may need for your travel. Having this small trunk will eliminate trying to carry items that could blow off or get in the way such as a back pack or other carrying device.

Antilock brakes is a newer and less common occurrence than the newer cars. It is sometimes a more expensive feature but it can help in the realm of safety. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety it decreases a motorcycles risk for a fatal accident by thirty seven percent. Antilock brake systems can be critical.

Windscreen or fairing assists with the wind or rain that one may encounter when riding. It makes the ride less draining as well as it blocks a lot of that pressure and distraction.

Wearing safety gear or helmets can be lifesaving. From fatality to severe brain injury, the helmet can dramatically change the devastation potential for a motorcycle accident. Other gear that is added to your wear is really the barrier between you and anything that may hit you in the case of an accident. Therefore, these two parts of essential equipment could literally change the outcome of one’s life.

Crash bars are essential for assisting the biker in the middle of a crash to keep the weight of the bike off of the person. They are shaped like a hoop.

Then there is the obvious and most critical parts of a rider making smart riding decisions. Being able to be intentional, alert, and prepared while driving can be the most important part.

So many features have been included on motorcycles to increase the likelihood of life in the midst of accidents that will essentially happen because accidents happen. Being able to have the right features not only prevent collisions in the first place but protect the driver if a collision happens. It is possible for a collision to take place and being as prepared as possible for that is a life changing endeavor because it could literally be the difference between life and death. Therefore, having people that take safety seriously is a critical aspect for the motorcyclist. More and more brands are becoming even more safety cautious in design and technology. This critical point will be revolutionary for the motorcycle industry.

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