There has been yet another style of car prevalent in the choice car market. An electric car has only three wheels. The car would slide and tilt around corners similar to a motorcycle. The company that has been creating the design has revealed that they look forward to market the vehicle on a large scale. For more information, you could log on to

Steering of the car

The steering of the car has been the most important facet. The engineers combined the concept of a motorbike with a car. As a result, the car incorporates a steering of a motorbike. It has been a unique design. Moreover, it has been reported that the steering would cost exorbitant for a hybrid version a significant price for a full electric version.


Seating capacity of the vehicle

The vehicle has been known to hold two passengers. The vehicle would also be equipped with an optional luggage container, which would be strapped on to the roof. As a result, the car would be able to turn into a convertible, when you remove the roof.

The three wheeled car has been named spyder. It would be the perfect vehicle for high traffic areas along with closely knitted cities, where space has been the major problem. The spyder has been shorter than an average car size. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the parking issue. Two spyder cars would be able to fit easily into the parking space. Nonetheless, passengers do not sit next to one another. They would sit as that of the motorbike style, one behind the driver.

Fuel for the hybrid

The unique hybrid runs on petrol. It would cater the owner with a reasonable mileage per gallon. However, the electric version would go also cater a reasonable mileage prior to being recharged. Despite the spyder has been designed for urban living, the spyder has been able to keep its pace on highways and freeways as well. It could go from zero to sixty in five second tops.


Working on safety aspects

The company has been trying to capitulate on the green market. They have also been involved with the various safety aspects to make sure that the vehicle has been able to cater the owner with similar safety that a car could provide. The car could tilt approximately 25 degrees, making it almost impossible to roll over. Therefore, you would not require passengers to worry about falling, as they would when on a bike. It appears similar to a tornado having aerodynamic shape. It would cater you with a sleek feeling. However, this might be the next bold move in car evolution.

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