Bike parts are deemed to be of two types, OEM (Original Manufacturer) and Aftermarket parts. The after-market products would mostly be produced by aftermarket manufacturers and would be used as replacement parts. These aftermarket products would essentially be used for enhancing the overall performance of the bike. Whenever repairing or upgrading a bike in needed, motorcycle parts would be required. A number of customers could prefer OEM and these would be usually available at reliable and reputable dealerships. In a number of cases, a huge number of replacements would not be easily available in the market. Therefore, locating these parts could become tiresome and expensive.

What is the major difference between OEM and Aftermarket?

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufactured. It refers to auto or bike parts that would be manufactured by the bike manufacturer itself. You could also come across the terms O.E.S. and OE that could imply Original Equipment Supplied and Original Equipment respectively. While a number of times, the terms OEM and OES happen to be interchangeable, OE would be a term mostly referred to original equipment on the bike. The bike manufacturer would not actually make a majority of OE bike parts along with components. However, the automakers will purchase and assemble them.

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On the contrary, Aftermarket auto parts would be bought and added to a vehicle at the dealership or after the vehicle has left the dealership. Bike manufacturers do not actually manufacture them. Aftermarket parts would often used as automotive replacement parts. However, they would also function as specialty add-ons for enhancing both appearance and performance of the bike.

Asking for estimate

If you have been aware of the various types of repairs required, you should make a list prior to you actually arriving at the shop. The repair shop could inspect your bike along with estimate repairs in a more effective manner. You should also request quotes from various sources. As replacement parts from your dealership are required to be somewhat on the higher side, it could assist you in receiving a quote from a number of sources. Several repair shops could under bid for getting you in the door. They might only be adding unwanted services later.

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You should also ask to view the damaged or worn part. You could ask them to return the part to you in the box of the new replacement part, as and when you sign the work order. Your best bet will be atv stator on when it comes to replacing OEM parts for your bike.


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