Just like any type of vehicle, there are a lot of risks that come with riding a motorcycle. Accidents do happen even among the most careful drivers. With the deaths due to motorcycle accidents at 4,295 in the year 2014 alone, it is very important for drivers to understand that wearing protective gear can save their lives, no matter how uncomfortable wearing them may be.

One of the most basic motorcycle protective gears in the market today is the helmet. Here are some risks that come with not wearing it:

Great Cost

Those who have insurance may be confident about driving with their motorcycles, but there have been a lot of cases where insurance companies tag those that get into motorcycle accidents as reckless drivers. Therefore apart from always making sure that drivers wear protective gear always, they should also have a lawyer or attorney that will be able to protect their rights. A lot of drivers have already been involved in motorcycle accident cases so they now learn how to assert their rights to these abusive insurance companies.

Even with insurance, the hospital bills as well as the subsequent medication needed to recover from a motorcycle accident will cost a great sum. How much more for those who do not have accident insurance?

Head and Spinal Injuries

Head and spinal injuries are the worst things that can result from a motorcycle accident. This is because these injuries deal with a few of the most important organs in the body. Head injuries, for example, can lead to a skull fracture or brain damage. If the collision is not too strong, however, the injury may still lead to a coma. Some cases where there is head injury lead to amnesia or partial paralysis, but even that is already a best case scenario.

Spinal injuries, on the other hand, may lead to total body paralysis as a good chunk of the body’s motor skills are supported by the spine, along with the bones and muscles connected to it. The driver may also suffer from a neck injury.

Facial Deformities

Most of those victims who are lucky enough to avoid any serious damage to the brain and spine instead suffer from facial deformities due to the trauma brought about by the motorcycle accident. Some may have to go through extensive facial reconstructive surgery just to fix the problem. Others, meanwhile, lose their teeth.

Depression and Psychological Trauma

Surviving a tragic motorcycle accident can cause various damages to the mind. For one, the stress felt during the accident may be too overwhelming for the brain to immediately cope. A lot of motorcycle accident victims, for example, may fear the thought of riding any kind of vehicle for a time. The worst scenarios end up with the person going through clinical depression.

Ultimately, preventing motorcycle accidents is a question of safety. Wearing a helmet dramatically increases the chance of survival. Drivers have nothing to lose when it comes to wearing it so they might as well take advantage of the protection it gives.


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