Decals are very popular marketing tools that are used by both big and small shop owners. Their cheaper price and easy to use method has created a growing demand. Advertising is the essence of any business firm. They try to create a niche in the minds of the customers. Competition is getting tougher and every business firm is trying their best to lure their target customers. It is a very tough fight and decals are one of the aids that can help shops in achieving a competitive edge.

Rather than using the pre designed decals, the latest trend is to pick some custom original people decals. This gives unique look to the stickers and also can serve the required purpose.

Temporary stickers

This is mainly used for naming the items in a shop. For example a rack may be dedicated for cosmetics then such stickers can be used to name the items along with the price. The price keeps changing and so these temporary stickers are the best. It can be removed without much hassle. The adhesive used for such decals are not very strong and does not cause harm to human skin too. They are very popularly used in most of the departmental stores and retail outlets.

Permanent decals

As the name indicates they give a permanent fix and last for longer period of time. They are made to bear the brunt of the extreme heat and cold. They are used even outdoors and indoors. It is a great advertising tool and many custom original people decals have forayed into this segment. Some brands also use these stickers to stick on the cars and trucks too. However, removing them can be a laborious task. It cannot be removed by free hand. You need heat gun or wonder wheel pad to remove them completely.

Semi-permanent stickers

It is used in decorating a venue for an event. With this intention, these stickers do not require very strong adhesives. They can be stuck with ease and removed without much strain. Another major advantage of semi-permanent stickers is that they are reusable a number of times.

Reflective decals

They are made to reflect during the nights. They are extensively used for sign boards, traffic elements, cars of the cops and many more. Removing them can be very tough and only rubber pad can be useful for removing.

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