Dubai is like any other destination in the world – everything is done with due process and list of policies, Exporting and importing vehicle to and from the country is easy. You can tap on the help of Car Shipping Dubai Co. to help you all throughout the process. In case you want to understand it entirely before acquiring the services of a transport shipping company, the read on for some brilliant insights.

The Exporting Process

  • Locate offices of the Road and Transport Authority. These can be found in Al Qusais, Al Barsha, Umm Ramool and Bur Dubai. Take your car to any of these offices and start the process
  • Detach the plates from the back and front of your car. These will be replaced by new ones before it gets out of the country.
  • The first thing you need to secure if called the Export Insurance Certificate. This will cover insurance for your vehicle for fourteen days. It will cost you around Dh70. The two weeks covered by the insurance is the entire duration allotted for you to export your car.
  • After you have paid for the insurance, you should undergo de-registration. In this process, make sure you possess the insurance certificate, you plates, driving license and vehicle registration card. These papers will be submitted for the process.
  • As you go through the process, you might need to inform Car Shipping Dubai Co. for them to have a gauge of how long will it take you to complete the procedure.
  • Once all documents are submitted, you will be asked to pay for the Export Certificate which will permit you to export your vehicle.

The Importing Process

  • Prepare several copies of your passport, residence visa and Emirates ID. You should also prepare copies of your passport size photo.
  • The RTA will be looking for your Vehicle Ownership Certificate. This should have been prepared by Car Shipping Dubai Co.Or any shipper for you. This paper should indicate the value of the car includes the paid taxes and other duties.
  • The next step would ask you to pay custom clearances fee amounting to around Dh5, 000 with an additional cost of Dh700 to undergo the container examination.
  • After the examination, your car will be issued the Clearance Certificate proving that the imported vehicle has complied with the RTA requirements and specification.
  • Finally, when things are cleared for you, you can register the car and will be allotted local plates. Remember, you might not be allowed to drive it without a valid driver’s license.

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