Learning how to drive is already daunting in itself, but the process becomes even more challenging and difficult if you don’t have the right driving instructor. If your driving instructor is not well-trained, not capable of handing out the proper instructions, or simply not ‘into you’ and doesn’t act in a professional manner, then that’s just money down the drain. You need to be able to find a driving instructor who is skilled, fully trained, trustworthy, and enthusiastic about helping you learn. So how do you do this? Here’s how to find the best driving instructor for your needs.

Get some recommendations

If you know someone who has recently gone through driving lessons or has recently passed their driving test, perhaps they can give you recommendations. Word-of-mouth is a great way to find a good driving instructor, particularly for a local area. If you are in Leicester, for example, you should ask fellow residents if they can suggest any locally-based driving instructors and schools (one such trusted driving school in the Leicester area is Your Driving Academy, and you can find out more by visiting http://yourdrivingacademy.co.uk). If you can’t gather recommendations from family or friends, you can always search online for driving schools and instructors in your local community.

Qualified instructors always!

Once you find some potential instructors or driving schools, you need to make sure that they are qualified. They should be approved by the DSA, either as a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) or as an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). One thing, though: it’s always better to get approved driving instructors rather than potential driving instructors for the simple reason that PDIs are still not completely qualified and are only trainees.

How’s the bond?

Whilst a driving instructor is not comparable to your own parent, your friend, or your teacher, they are somehow a strange combination of all of these. That being said, how’s your bond with your driving instructor? When you meet them for the first time, do they make you feel comfortable? What about their body language? You should be able to work with an instructor who is not only friendly but professional and give you full value for your money and time. Your driving instructor has no right to shout or berate you in a rude manner, even if you make mistakes. Look for an instructor who is patient and kind, yet who can be firm when necessary.

Some bonuses

If you are meeting with a prospective instructor or a representative from a driving school, it might also be a good idea to ask them if the instructor can provide additional services, such as giving you advice on driving theories, adjusting their schedule for weekends or holidays if you are not available during the week, or giving you extra knowledge through resources or worksheets which can help you in your test.

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