I started noticing these rolled up rubber mats in the back seats and trunks of cars about five years ago. Folks bringing in their cars for service or advice on warranties for their BMW’s often had them and I was really curious what they were used for.  Is this some diaper changing station?  Do you lay on it to change a tire?  I dunno!  Turns out they were yoga mats.  What’s yoga got to do with it, I wondered.  So I asked the next young lady about hers, and boy did I get an earful.  Turns out yoga has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.  It aligns the body, relaxes the mind and eases pain.  It’s also known to help you lose weight.  All this on a little mat?

Now, I might not be trying out any yoga classes anytime soon, but I can tell you how a yoga class sold a car.

It seems there was a young lady named Ashley who joined her sister Liv at soccer practice for her son Jimmy.  While they chatted and caught up on the latest friends and family gossip, Liv told Ashley all about her new yoga class.  She was so enthused about it that she urged Ashley to join her.  She told her she could use a Groupon Coupon and save money on a series of classes just like she had done.  So Ashley looked into this Groupon thing, and was really impressed.  There were tons of classes in the Atlanta area, and so many different styles of yoga!  There’s hot yoga, Bikram yoga, aerial yoga and even prenatal yoga.  When she saw she could get discounts of up to 50% off classes all over Atlanta, she was sold.

She used her coupon to buy all the gear she needed, blocks, straps, mats and yoga pants which were available from world class makers just by going online and searching out the perfect Groupon coupon.  When Liv picked her up to go to class, Ashley was really blown away by the way the Smart windshield technology projected the speedometer in her Beemer.  She was so impressed she told her husband she just had to have one.  And we had a good laugh on how a yoga mat lead to the purchase of a BMW.  Namaste!

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