Are you about to take your HGV theory test? Well, congratulations! The truth is that learning to drive HGV takes time, skills, hard work, and lots of practice. To pass HGV, one must pass both practices and theory.

When some people hear the word “Theory”, they immediately begin to sweat; bringing memories of their school exams. This affects a person’s overall performance when learning to drive HGV. Well, do not worry! There are some tips from the that will help you succeed in passing your HGV theory test.

Understand The Format

To avoid surprises on the day you are taking your theory examination, it is wise to take some time to get to know the format your theory test will be in. do not let yourself assume that it is going to be the same as your standard driving test. First of all, it is important to know that it is very different from a standard driving test.

Generally, HGV theory test does feature 100 multiple choice questions, which cover different aspects of safe HGV operation. It does also include a hazard perception section, which includes a written element and videos for you to watch and identify potential hazards. The videos also come with 100 multiple choice questions. Well, by knowing such information ahead of taking your theory examination, you will have an idea of what to look for.

Taking Practice Tests

There is no better way to pass any theory tests like taking practice tests. Practice tests do not only help boost confidence but help to calm the nerves and learning more. This has been made possible by how widely available full practice theory tests are out there. All you have to do is take advantage of them by simply asking our professional trainers to provide you with practice tests. They will also recommend websites that offer these tests. There are no records taken or limit to how many you have to take, and therefore making them the best to sharpen your skills. Apart from this, they also help improve your mindset regarding theory tests.

Look Out For The Hazards Of Hazard Perception

The fact is that the most challenging part of taking HGV theory test is the hazard perception test. Well, research shows that many people fail this test more often compared to other forms of tests. Well, the main reason is that it is not particularly difficult but because sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between a normal activity and a genuine potential danger. As a result, people tend to identify wrongly, which generally affects the total score. Nevertheless, the best and most probably the only way around all the hassle is getting an opportunity to do some practising. This simply means practising the hazard perception section until you become confident. There are many online hazard perception tests available and they are the best option to perfect ways of identifying and learning for your examination.

Our tips are quite straightforward – understand what developing hazards are and how they look like. Clicking on the screen and hoping that you are right will not get you far, and therefore it is important to practice. According to DVLA, developing hazard is a situation or instance that may cause you to take action like changing direction or speed.

Avoid Randomly Clicking

When a person is nervous or unsure, they may be tempted to click randomly on things on the screen, and then hopping for the best. Well, even though this technique may seem like a good idea, in reality, it will not help you but cost you even more points. In other words, the more you click, the worse the score you will get eventually (meaning it will affect your score even more). This is because the computer-based software takes excessive random clicks as guesses, which means it will grade you on guessing rather what you know to be the fact. In the long run, this will make you fail the examination.

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