People with cars five years old or newer often don’t realise this, but cars need checkups. You might not want to do this as it takes time and can be inconvenient, but it’s actually worth it to give your car a checkup. You see, your car is designed to run smoothly, but only if all the parts are in working order. Cars can go from mildly out of shape to really bad condition quickly if something begins to malfunction.

There are plenty of benefits to taking your car in for a checkup periodically and you should know about them, as well as where to find good car service in Canberra that can take a look at your car and make sure everything is in order.

When to Take Your Car In

Next time you are driving, try to pay attention to the sounds and noises your car makes. This is important for a few different reasons. As you get familiar with the sounds your car makes when it’s normal, you’ll know if something is wrong when you hear a new and unfamiliar sound that you’ve never heard before. Common sounds that are indicators of problems can include squeaking, clunking, and rattling. If your car isn’t making sounds like these, you’re probably fine. But if it is, and especially if it starts to in the future, you should probably take your car in for a checkup right away.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the temperature of your car. If your car is newer, it probably has a temperature gauge on the heads-up display. The temperature needle should be in the middle of the range for most, if not all, of the time. Remember, your car needs a minute to warm up so don’t be surprised if the needle is all the way down right when you turn the car on. However, if the needle keeps rising and the car overheats, you will have a lot of problems to deal with. If you see the needle begin to rise higher and higher, you should take your car in for a checkup.

Where to Go

There are plenty of places to go in Canberra for car service and checkups, but you should probably go to a place that specialises in your make and model of vehicle. This might require some online research but you’ll find something, especially if you have a common car.

Checkups are worthwhile even when you don’t have a problem. For instance, you can get your oil changed cheaply during your visit. The oil change includes draining the old oil from the system, changing out the filter, and filling it up with new oil. Old oil can have difficulty lubricating the engine properly but fresh oil can do it easily. So if it’s been a while since your last oil change and your oil is getting old, you should probably get it done while you’re taking your car in for a checkup.


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