You are driving, going about your daily activities when out of nowhere you feel a slight bump from behind. After pulling over, you realize that your Mercedes has sustained minor scratches, dents or any other minor form of visible damage. This is an example of a mere fender bender.

Simply put, a fender bender is a fairly harmless collision between vehicles. Contrary to a widespread belief, these minor accidents can result in different kinds of internal damage to your car. Just as would contact Atlanta slip and fall attorney if one of your workers got injured on official duty, it is recommended to get your vehicle inspected by a professional after being involved in a minor collision. Here is why.

Potential electric problems

Your car’s electrical wiring is very delicate, and a minor crash can result in loose wires and other forms of damage. What’s likely to happen if the vehicle’s wiring system is compromised? Start thinking of security system failure, door lock failure, power window failure, complete loss of power, navigation difficulties, and other related issues.

Getting the vehicle inspected by experts means that you can identify paneling and wiring system issues and get them corrected.

More than just a car frame damage

Your vehicle’s frame isn’t ‘immune’ to physical damage. Whether your car has suffered visible or invisible damage, the reality is that fender benders cause vehicle frame damage. This can affect how the car’s airbags deploy in an accident. Besides, if the frame is damaged, the car may not absorb shock as expected. These issues compromise the overall safety of your car.

Suspension and transmission challenges

No matter how minor how a collision may be, it can result in damage to your car’s transmission system. Nearly all-wheel drive cars are susceptible to this form of damage. A simple rear-end collision can easily push the drive shaft into the car’s transmission and cause serious damage. Similarly, portholes can cause costly repairs to your vehicle’s suspension system. If you have been involved in a mere fender bender and you are afraid your car might develop issues in the future, consider getting your vehicle inspected by a professional.

Alignment problems

Whenever a vehicle is aligned correctly, the tires wear out evenly and offers a smooth ride. Unfortunately, a minor crash can throw off your vehicle’s alignment, and this could make it drift in the wrong direction even when you drive straight and potentially cause tire damage. Generally, a misaligned car requires frequent tire replacement. Besides, a tire can blowout when you least expect it, and this can be very dangerous. Thus, you should never underestimate the damage associated with a misaligned truck or car.

Lastly, a common problem following an impact from the rear end, no matter how small the impact is, is damage to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. It can become kinked or twisted. This impedes the vehicle’s ability to remove toxic fumes.

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