DealerThe CRM dealer package is not easy to choose and is a complex process as it provides a means to communicate with the clients in different ways. It must be customizable, and a user-friendly system that offers a great return on investment.

What does it offer?

The CRM dealer package helps to manage communication over the phone and the internet. It helps in accessing stored data related to various aspects of the organization and offers enterprise solutions for multiple locations. The top management can view as well as analyze financial and activity reports to make any decisions.

The CRM dealer package streamlines marketing efforts automates processes and eventually increases sales and profit for the dealership. The CRM dealer package should offer the following:

  • Comprehensive data management tools
  • Intelligent management tools
  • Internet lead management
  • Service department CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Call center and BDC options

Way it impacts ROI

  • Usability of the software is an important factor in generating ROI. The insight and ease of use of the CRM dealer package ensure its usability. When the employees use it efficiently by updating customer information, following the sales lead, manage inventory, marketing campaigns and offers communication tools which ensure it increases sales and maintain customer relationship. It also helps to manage marketing campaigns and customer retention, thus driving sales and profitable revenues.
  • The CRM dealer package must be customizable according to the current needs of the dealership plus accommodate business expansion plans. Customer relationship is based on the information that the package offers.
  • If historical database is easily accessible in a simple format in one touch, then the information can be used to maintain and enhance customer relationship with information about the vehicle – sales and service, financing, credit, preferences, contact information including social media account are all helpful and can be analyzed as well as used for marketing purposes.
  • The CRM dealer should be able to offer training and support for the package to ensure all the features can be used to the fullest in the daily operations and in the best possible way to increase sales, revenue, and profit margins.
  • If the package is utilized efficiently then the CRM dealer package can improve the relationship with the existing customers, and generate new customers, improve everyday operations and work efficiency as well as grow sales and profits.

Man and salesman at car dealership

  • If the auto dealer wants to have a better chance at being successful, then it is important to choose the right CRM dealer, however, other factors like the readiness of the employees to use the package, the resources – time and money that the dealership can devote to training and in support of the program can make all the difference.


The investment in the CRM dealer package can be a huge success only if the employees want to make it a success as the program can fail completely, however, good the package may be. If it can be customized as well as if it suits the needs of the dealership then the possibility that the employees will utilize the program in every department and make it work ensuring a great return on investment.

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