If you like to camp out and travel, then purchasing a used motorhome may be an affordable way to enjoy your holidays. One advantage to buying this mode of transport is that it will feature many of the desired accessories including satellite TV, air conditioning, awning, solar power, and more. Motorhome owners who sell their motorhomes often include one or more of the aforementioned items to make the deal more interesting.

If you choose to go to a motorhome retailer, then you can find a large range of motorhomes for sale. You can get a better idea of what motorhomes offer as you can browse at your leisure on the sales lot. That way, you can make comparisons between models and manufacturers so you can obtain the best fit for your criteria. Again, many used motorhomes come with amenities that you don’t need to purchase.

Consider What You Have to Pay

If you buy a new motorhome rather than a pre-owned motorhome, you will have to bear some financial burdens that may prove to be cost-prohibitive. So, if you are asking the question “Why buy a used motorhome?” you will get your answer by looking at the amount you have to spend for a new model. For example, you have to pay 20% VAT on a new mode of transport. So, if your motorhome costs £50,000, you will have to pay £10,000 for the taxes. You don’t have this concern when a motorhome has been pre-owned.


You also have to break in a new motorhome. If you have to handle any repair issues, you will have to return it to the dealer. When you have an older motorhome, all the niggles have been sorted out. You also have to add up or add in all the accessories for a new motorhome. You will need to equip the new home with such accessories as satellite TV, awning, and air conditioning. Adding those features can add up to thousands of pounds, sometimes as much as tens of thousands of pounds.

Visit a Used Motorhome Dealer

As you can see, if camping and travelling is your goal, you want to direct any additional money to your travels and not to your motorhome. That is why it is better to align yourself with a motorhome dealer that offers a wide range of nearly new and used motorhomes. Find a dealer that features a large array of motorhomes, each which are unlocked for browsing.

Also, look for a dealer where you can look at each home on your own. You should not be hassled by salespeople when you are on the lot. You should only need to pop into the reception and ask for assistance when needed.

Check the Warranty

Make sure the motorhome also comes with a warranty, preferably a three-year RAC European Warranty. The dealer should also offer free motorhome insurance for at least ten days whilst you put your own insurance in place.

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