Our country India is obsessed about bikes that look good, provide a good mileage and come at an economical price. Very few bikes offer a package of all these things and come from a good brand. When bikes are concerned, Bajaj and Yamaha are at the forefront of providing top quality bikes that promise nothing less than sheer performance. Pulsar has become a brand by itself and has claimed a spot at the most selling bike in this segment for a long time. When Yamaha came with its FZ, it gave a tough competition to Pulsar 150 which was riding high on its success. If you have ever got confused regarding which bike to purchase among these two, go ahead and read the Bajaj Pulsar 150 review and its detailed comparison with Yamaha FZ.

Design and Looks

Bajaj Pulsar 150: We all are aware of the iconic look that Pulsar was launched with, the Pulsar 150 carries the same look but it is given a small facelift to look a little modern. As usual Pulsar is equipped with a seat that makes you and your pillion rider comfortable even on long journeys. It is available in four different colors including Ebony Black, Sapphire Blue, Pearl Metallic White, and Cocktail Wine Red.

Yamaha FZ: The Yamaha FZ offers a sportier look and comes with an attractive design. You will find graphics in the body that complement and match with the color of the bike. There are dual tone shades available for Yamaha FZ and they are highly loved by the current owners of the bike. You can purchase the bike in eight attractive colors which includes Astral Blue, Moonwalk White, Cyber Green, Molten Orange, Wolf Gray, Shark White, Viper Black, and Alligator Green.

Both the bikes come with an exceptionally unique and fresh design. As per the consumers, the Yamaha FZ looks better than Pulsar 150 so if you are looking for a good sporty design, the Yamaha FZ leads the way.

Engine, Mileage and Fuel capacity

Bajaj Pulsar 150: Just like most of the bikes in this segment, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes with a 150 cc air cooled engine. It has a self start feature and the kick mechanism has also been kept as a side feature. Pulsar provides an excellent mileage of 65 kmpl which is way ahead of its competitors. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 15 liters which is great as well.

Yamaha FZ: In a competitive range of the Pulsar, the Yamaha FZ is equipped with a 150cc air cooled engine as well. It is only given an electric start mechanism which can be fine considering more people are switching towards it. Yamaha FZ provides an average mileage of 50 kmpl on normal road conditions. As for the fuel storage capacity, it can hold around 12 liters of fuel at once.

We can clearly witness the Bajaj Pulsar 150 emerge as the winner in this segment with a huge margin. If you are concerned more about engine, mileage and fuel capacity, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 would be your best bet.


Bajaj Pulsar 150: Pulsar 150 is priced at an economical price of INR 79,468 and Bajaj couldn’t have priced it better. Given all the spectacular features and specifications, the pricing is very appropriate.

Yamaha FZ: The Yamaha FZ will cost you INR 87,388 but it might differ a bit considering where you are buying from and which color you are opting.

Considering all the aspects in this Bajaj Pulsar 150 review and its comparison with Yamaha FZ, you must go ahead with Pulsar if you want a budget friendly yet powerful bike.

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