Hyundai recently launched their newest consumer favourite model – i20. This vehicle costs more, packs more and is certainly here to stay just like the earlier models from the brand. Hyundai has engineered this car to perfection. Still, if you are in love with the earlier model you can buy used Hyundai i20 in India for a much lesser price with the features you desire.

Here is a comprehensive list of all that you need to know about the brand-new addition to the i20 family.

Elite has slight modifications to the earlier i20’s design, but even those modifications have given it a refined look. It has features and crisp lines that give the car a refined new look. It still manages to capture hints of the earlier model’s design features.

The interior is wide this time. There is ample leg space and even three people can fit comfortably in the back seat. Air conditioner vents are present for the rear seats as well. The best part about this is that it has an automatic climate control system. The steering is also big and easy to grip. It is adjustable as well. The seats come with adjustable height feature.

The car is a beast under the hood. The diesel engine gives power of 90PS@4000rpm, which is a lot as compared to the earlier model. The torque of the engine is also top notch. Hyundai i20 Elite churns out a torque of 220Nm@1500-2750rpm with the diesel engine. This clearly is an improvement from the earlier model.

The promised mileage of the petrol model is about 18kmpl, which would convert to about 13-14kmpl on road. Maximum mileage of the diesel model is supposedly 23kmpl, which is a drastic improvement from the earlier model.

There are about six variants of the petrol model and five variants of the diesel model, an automatic petrol model being the extra variant. All the variants pack similar performance and looks with addition of extra features as the price increases.

This hatchback’s starting cost for a petrol model is Rs5.25 Lakhs going all the way up to Rs7.02 Lakhs for the top model and Rs6.26 to Rs9 Lakhs for the diesel model.

Although the new Elite model does offer a lot of advantages, some good features from the i20 were removed, including side & curtain airbags, rear disc brakes, auto-wipers, DRLs and sunroof.

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